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Monday, July 2, 2012


Yes, Only In Papua New Guinea has reached a milestone 12 months into operation with my announcement that over the weekend we reached 10,000 views!

Yes 10,000 people around the world and in PNG have viewed the site since May 11th 2011! I am proud of this achievement and will continue to publish great stories for you all to read! If you have not been on our mailing list please join by clicking the link on the right or follow us as well!

10,000 reads and counting and I want to say thank you to firstly my faitful readers, people who have pushed me to continue writing, random internet users and most importantly Google for allowing me to host three (3) sites for free. (Newsmate PNG and PNG Media Critic)

I will continue to write and publish stories and opinion based agendas on the site if and when I'm sitted in my office or travelling to where there is internet access. I admit I have been travelling alot lately thus the low input rate on my publications.

But none the less thanks again to all of you to make us reach the 10,000 readership tag!


Nelson P THOM

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi all,

I was privileged to be invited to the 2012 SP Musik Festival by SP Brewery on Saturday 9th June at the Port Moresby Country Club. It was a jam of a night with great music on show, and from my observations a step up from last year's event!

With my VIP pass I enjoyed the night sneaking in here and there bumping into old friends and making new ones. Akay47 was there on the night and I managed to have a chat with him catching up on old time as well as what the future holds for PNG music in general.

On the night there were performances from Raiwat band of ENB, the famous Barike band with its new look makeup but sounding perfectly the same. Anslom Nakikus and Raadaz band and PNG's hottest band and my bro Honley and the Jokema band all performing hits on the night making it a memorable one for everyone who attended.

PNG music is heading the right way and we are on the verge of becoming an international hit making country with modern day musicians and even the old ones moving forward in making music. Akay47 and South Tribe (Londea Multimedia) for me where the stepping stone to making international hits moving on from the analogue to digital music making. Then we saw groups coming on board for the ride and so far the ride has been great for PNG music.

Anyway, Akay47 along with other music ambassadors have done great things for PNG music and I applaud everyone moving the music industry in PNG forward. The road may be long but a start is always the key to success.

Here are some pics from the 2012 SP Musik Festival, enjoy!!!

(L-R) Jokema band guitarist, MC MainMan and Honz

Honz, a fan and MC MainMan

Brothers in arms - Honz and MC MainMan

Raiwat Band on stage performing

Cuz Malu and MC MainMan

Wilson, Malu and MC MainMan

Jokema on stage (Sorry low quality pic)

Wilson, Franco Blots and MC MainMan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's great to be back doing what I love doing and that is writing! And after the 5 or so months in the wilderness of the ICT world, I finally managed to arrive at Windows 7, with all my cargo and my equipments working as brand new.

As this is my first day back afther a long while, I would love to share some of my pictures I took in the last 5 months.


First up...Beautiful Jaisaben Resort in Madang province!

RANDOM Port Moresby PICS!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yorks City an Independence special

Iokea or Yorks City as the Gulf people call it, is about 20 or so kilometers from the Trans-highway from Port Moresby to Kerema in the Gulf Province.

On the Independence weekend we took a trip there for some customary work on my uncle's head stone. It took us a good 3 to 4 hours from Port Moresby to the turn-off into Iokea which is at Apanaipi. From there another grueling 20 or so kilometers along the rugged dusty roads into the village. It was fun, and an adventure for a lot of the travelling team as it was their first trip along the highway or into Yorks city.
The road from Port Moresby was great apart from the occasional potholes, humps, ditches and youths collecting money, claiming it for church work. Anyway, about 4 to 5 kilometers in the Beraina area before the Angabanga bridge is not sealed and a little bit bumpy. But it was adventure! From the turn off at Apanaipi to Yorks city, there is a big ditch or we called it "Ryan Pini's Swimming pool" that is about 1.5 meters deep and filled to about 80 or so centimeters of brown miloish water. (I doubt Ryan would train in that). It's about 10 to 15 meters long and only 4wd's can pass through that area.

Well all the vehicles made it across accept for the big PMV truck which feared it would bog. Anyway the adventure continued as we all got off the vehicles and decided that the women, mothers and children would travel to the village first and the vehicles would return for us - "the adventurers". So the long wait began and we found stuff to do to keep us occupied and alert for the bushes hide some harmful enemies like, snakes, mosquitoes and ghosts.  So we decided to light a few fires to keep us alive from the harm, we even danced and pretended to be drunk, cracking jokes and all for the sake of survival.

Anyway, the party returned and we all shifted the cargo from the PMV truck on the other side of the Pini pool to the safety of the vehicles. Then it was home time, the dusty bumpy road took us all the way to Yorks city. As usual jokes and fun all the way. It was about 8:30pm when we left the Pini pool and arrived some good hour so later in the village. The night flew by and before we knew it we said good night after freshening up and made our way to bed for the big day tomorrow.

The next day (September 16th)...

After the days activities (I'll post something on this), it was time to head to the Yorks beach. Yes you heard right the beach and its about 20 minutes walk from where we are (We are about 2 kms inland where an old airstrip was before). Anyway, we had some fun time at the beach and headed back home for too reasons really. Number one, it was so humid and hot and number two, from the beach it takes you some hundred meters to reach the sea.

The next few days were the same as we had a walk around the village and went to visit some of our relatives graves to pay our respect to them. After that it was the beach again, and the long walk back to the old airstrip. Water there is a problem but we managed quite well because we went there prepared. But that was not an excuse, as there was a water supply pipe running through the whole villages. My dad was dying to go and see the source of the water supply but there was no time to do that.

Well after a few nights, we headed back to Port Moresby, but it felt strange for most of us. Maybe because Yorks had so much to offer that we did not stay long enough to experience that. We kind of felt we wanted to stay and really took our time to get ready for the return trip. But as adventures are full of surprises, we encountered one minutes before we took off. One of the vehicles had broken studs to two of its back wheels forcing us to abandon the car and make an extra trip once we arrived safely at the Apanaipi junction back to Yorks. But all was good as we left for Port Moresby at about 3pm. A fun trip back to wrap up an eventful Independence long weekend, arriving to the busy traffic lights with 10, 000 cars, noise, and the hassle and bustle of city life (excluding Yorks City).


Monday, September 26, 2011

Beautiful faces of Kiriwina

Oh it's great to start writing again after all this traveling and the busy schedule. I hope everyone of you enjoyed the 36th Independence Anniversary in each of the places in PNG and abroad that held celebrations. I had a good experience traveling to my mum's village (my mum's not mine), in Iokea, Gulf Province. It's good to visit different places and I enjoy traveling and adventure and the Iokea trip was one of a kind.

Anyway, I'll post something on that later in the week I promise. But today, I just want to share some of the Kiriwina pictures which I took, on my trip there late last month. I promised to do so earlier but hey, I'm only human...hehehehe. I hope you enjoy the pictures and special thanks to Lawrence Abbady and Joshua Aive for contributing some of the pictures! That one how???