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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Famous Papua New Guinean Quotes!

With the help of some of my friends, we've put together some of PNG's famous quotes. From prominent figures to comedians and sports personalities the music icons. Some quotes are taken from hit PNG songs and some from, well the day to day dwellers...

I hope you enjoy this and have a laugh, or get something positive out from these beauties!!

"PNG was never discovered, we EXISTED" - Henry Osembo, President of Patriots PNG

Only a Papua New Guinean, will know how it feels to be an Alien in his own country - Main Man Nelo

"Music is not only the healer of a soul, it is part of a soul" - Main Man Nelo

"If you are Patriotic about your country, switch off the TV when the Kumuls are being trashed by the Australian Kangaroos" - Allan Bird, PNG Businessman

"The PNG Kumuls is my heart and soul, that is why I come back every year to prepare this guys to take on the world, and we PNG love our rugby league" - Adrian Lam, PNG Kumuls great.

I have never shed tears for a rugby league team, and I don't know why I am for the Kumuls - Adrian Lam, PNG Kumuls great.

It takes endless time in the gym to be able to withstand 80 minutes of football, my boys just need some local food like sweet potato to be able to withstand a whole day of football - Adrian Lam speaking to the Australian Media during the 2008 World Cup!

"I never forgot my roots in PNG, I just didn't find time to appreciate my roots" - David Mead, Gold Coast Titans Rugby league winger

"The LPV system is rubbish, I nearly lost my seat" - Morobe Governor Luther Wenge

"It is so hard for Morobe to gain autonomy, because of the remoteness" - Morobe Governor Luther Wenge

"There is no such thing as PNG Time, its in our minds and is not even our culture" - Ganjiki Wayne, Patriots PNG founder.

"How can a country of 800 plus languages and 700 plus ethnic groups unite to form a country, impossible but possible for PNG" - Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister

"The PNG culture is so unique and an hard act to follow" - Stephanie Copus-Campbell, Head of AusAID in PNG

"You too good you are" PNG Gardener

"That is BRRRRRRRRRR---illiant" - NCD, Governor Powes Parkop on Coca Cola's support of the PNG NRL BID

"Yu kisim we - Steamships Hardware" Steamships

"Papa blo yu mas atist turu, olsem na em i stalim pes bilong yu" - Lister Serum, PNG muscian

"Snax Biscuit em mipla ya" - Kanage

"Be Mobile Cup to Digicel Cup, next City Phone Cup" - Main Man NELO

"Mi tu mi man ya, mi gat bulut na mi gat fillings" - Dadii Gii, Musician

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